News from Galerie Montmartre

24 Jul, 2014


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Bally FlowersBally Flowers
Roger Bezombes
41 x 60 cm
Roger Bezombes is known as one of the greatest colourists of the 20th C. He was greatly influenced by Matisse, and often incorporated elements of collage into his work, as we see here in this ‘blooming’ poster for Bally shoes.
Aeronautique EspaceAeronautique Espace
Bernard Villemot
39 x 52 cm
A poster for the Paris Air Show, the oldest and largest of its kind. Established in 1909, it is held every second year at Le Bourget Airport in north Paris.
DADA 1966DADA 1966
40 x 61 cm
The art movement ‘Dadaism’ appeared in post war Europe as a reaction to WWI. Rejecting reason and logic, it was described as anti-art, unconcerned with established traditions of art and instead look towards collage, photomontage, performance and installations.
Max Bill - Centre National d'Art ContemporainMax Bill - Centre National d'Art Contemporain
Max Bill
44 x 61 cm
A Paris 1969 exhibition of the works of Max Bill. Highly gifted, Bill is referred to as a painter, sculptor, graphic designer, architect, industrial designer, typographer, art theorist and teacher. Using grid, geometric shape and primary colour, posters by Bill pioneered a new design philosophy.
Jackson Pollock - la Nouvelle PeintureJackson Pollock - la Nouvelle Peinture
Jackson Pollock
49 x 69 cm
A poster for the first large scale exhibition of modern American art to be seen in Paris. In addition to a show of 17 New York painters, the main drawcard was a one-man show of 56 paintings by Pollock, all selected by MoMA in NY. The show was a huge success, and went on to tour much of Europe.
Louis Laisse
c. 1940
62 x 98 cm
A fabulously detailed poster for Suède - Sweden “un des pays Scandinaves” - one of the Scandinavian countries. The small illustrations do indeed prove it is “pays de couleurs et contrastes” - a country of colours and contrasts.
Guy Georget
c. 1950
64 x 99 cm
“Voyage un Wagons-Lits” - Travel in a sleeping carriage! Complete with scarf and hat, this stylish couple are all set to be whisked away across Europe in the newest mode of 1950s travel - the overnight car. Bon voyage!
Le Mont-DoreLe Mont-Dore
Jean Even
65 x 100 cm
Winter sport in Mont-Dore looks pretty appealing - especially with a smiley snowman to keep you company. In the Auvergne area, the mountain is a popular skiing destination, especially “Puy de Sancy” - Mount of the Cross - which at 1886 m is the highest peak in central France.
Jeunesse Au Plein Air MountaineerJeunesse Au Plein Air Mountaineer
Herve Morvan
116 x 156 cm
An initiative established in 1938, Jeunesse Au Plein Air (youth outdoors) still today promotes the importance of leisure and outdoor recreation for children. Who needs snow capped mountains when you could climb a giant sunflower?!
Jeunesse Au Plein Air Duck SOLDJeunesse Au Plein Air Duck SOLD
Herve Morvan
116 x 155 cm
An initiative established in 1938, Jeunesse Au Plein Air (youth outdoors) still today promotes the importance of leisure and outdoor recreation for children. What could be more fun than swimming, picking flowers and hitching a ride on a duck?! SOLD
Jacques Nathan-Garamond
c. 1965
114 x 154 cm
The artist Nathan-Garamond was one of the founding members of the Alliance Graphique Internationale in 1951. For many famous French and international companies he designed trademarks, packaging, illustration, posters and corporate identity programs.
DOP ShampooDOP Shampoo
Maurice Van Moppes
c. 1950
117 x 158 cm
DOP shampoo, for papa, maman et bebe. Use it “Une fois par semaine” - once a week! Perhaps a little more often wouldn’t be a bad idea....?!
Yeti GlacéYeti Glacé
Alain Gauthier
c. 1960
57 x 78 cm
Flavoured ice was first conceived by the Chinese around 3000 BC. Baghdad has enjoyed sorbet or 'sharbet' for over 2000 years & Alexander the Great enjoyed mixed fruit and iced wine; Nero added honey & cinnamon to his! The humble Yeti Glacé comes in 6 flavours, wine, strangely, is not one of them!
Christofle - Liste de mariageChristofle - Liste de mariage
Bernard Villemot
118 x 150 cm
Christofle is a manufacturer of fine silver flatware and home accessories, based in France since 1830. This eye catching poster by the wonderful Villemot shows his signature long-lashed beauty to advertise Christofle's "liste de mariage" - bridal registry.
Herve Morvan
116 x 159 cm
Buta heaters make you feel just like you're in the tropics - safari hat and all. Not sure what happened to his safari suit?!. During the 50's and 60's a large proportion of poster production was used to advertise the latest wizz bang appliances.